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winsocketdotnetworkprogramming.com provides a repository for Windows socket programming using the .NET languages: C#, VB .NET and C++. This is a step-by-step, hands-on programming approach and by following the tutorials, hopefully, can build the programming skill for the .NET languages. The main purpose is to grasp the Windows networking concept, fundamental and the .NET languages itself. Hundreds of screenshots and code examples provide what you compile is what you get. These tutorials compiled by determined instructors that want to see their students to explore, understand and apply what is Windows socket programming is, using the .NET language family. It is interesting when seeing those students can make two or more computers communicate each other in the simplest manner.

The .NET language which dominates the code samples is C# however most of the examples also available in C++ .NET and VB .NET. At the end not just the Windows socket programming will be exposed, the techniques, tricks and tips also will be revealed. For example, the several types of .NET projects such as console mode, Windows form and shared library (DLL) were used in the tutorials. Building and using custom made classes also shown in certain projects. The exception handling, which is one of the very important implementation in coding for security and quality matters have been extensively used in the program examples. Finding a good book on Windows sockets with detail of steps quite difficult because the limitation a book have.

Other than cannot be updated regularly, the source codes and other related tools also become obsolete when considering the frequent update of the 'technology'. In this case the .NET framework, Visual IDE and etc. have been updated regularly making the hardcopy published materials outdated. If the you want a good and an ample practice, this tutorial is yours. If you want to learn .NET languages: C#, VB .NET and C++ .NET, with the intention to 'master' all those three stooges, this tutorial also yours. If you lost on following the step-by-step instructions in the tutorials, and don't know how to solve it, you can try to download the completed project from the download page. Open it and find what is wrong or what is missing.

In addition to the 'fun factor', by 'publishing' this tutorial online, it certainly make possible for the 'under privileged' groups around the world have the equal access to the 'latest' info regarding the Windows socket programming, 'freely'. This is apparent for the 'remote' area which is so difficult to get books or other hardcopy reference materials, even if books are available, the cost is not affordable. Well, let make those things possible by making a very little contribution - you, me and the others. Let share and expand our knowledge.



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