Chapter 15:

Advancement in .NET Framework Networking







What do we have in this chapter?



  1. The FTP Protocol and Message Queuing (MSMQ)

  2. Protocol Independence

  3. Network Awareness

  4. Collecting and Displaying the Network Info C# Program Example

  5. Adding References

  6. Build and Run

  7. Collecting and Displaying the Network Info VB .NET Program Example

  8. Adding References Manually

  9. Build and Run

  10. Collecting and Displaying the Network Info C++ Program Example

  11. Adding References Manually

  12. Build and Run

  13. Interoperability and Web Services

  14. Security

  15. Productivity





This chapter reviewed emerging trends in the world of distributed applications. Developers are advised to take these advancements into consideration as they design new .NET applications. The FTP protocol was discussed along with options available to developers and so does the Message Queuing (MSMQ) which the class library already included in the .NET from the version 2.x. In addition, we covered the importance of building protocol independence into your application. We talked about how network awareness and interoperability can play an important part in building a compelling and agile application. Finally, we looked at the evolving role of security and productivity as core tenets of the .NET Framework because of the very challenging current and the future Internet security.








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