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These tutorials are code re-compilation from the 'outdated' Network Programming for Microsoft Windows book using the Winsock 2 library. Before you use these tutorials, please read the disclaimer. These tutorials  concentrate more on the coding side the working program examples, so all the codes have been updated, re-compiled and tested using Visual C++ 2008 Express Edition (free). For the information part, you should refer to MSDN doc because it is updated regularly making the information provided here may be outdated...


Visual C++ Express Edition 2008 with Visual Studio service pack 1




 with PSDK installed and the version is depicted in the following screenshot.


The Windows SDKs v6.0A


Machine used is Windows XP Pro SP2 (version 5.1, build 2600.xpsp_sp2_gdr.090206-1233: Service Pack 2). VC++ project settings are defaults and only the Additional Dependencies (specific library) and Compile As C Code (/TC) are changed or added. These things are mentioned for each project creation in the tutorials. Happy coding!



Chapter 1:

An Intro to Windows Socket (Winsock 2) Programming - Headers,  libraries & Winsock APIs/functions

Chapter 2:

Some Protocol Characteristics Story - UDP, TCP, IP etc.

Chapter 3:

Winsock 2 and Internet Protocol - IPv4, IPv6 and related APIs

Chapter 4:

Winsock 2: Other Supported Protocols - Infrared (IrDA), IPX/SPX, AppleTalk, ATM and Bluetooth

Chapter 5:

Winsock 2 I/O Methods - Blocking, non-blocking, overlapped, select, completion port, WSAEventSelect and WSAAsyncSelect

Chapter 6:

Scalable Winsock 2 Applications - Winsock extension APIs

Chapter 7:

Socket Options and IOCTLs - Various socket options and the ioctls implementations

Chapter 8:

Registration and Name Resolution - Name, service, register, install, resolutions and DNS query

Chapter 9:

Multicasting - IPv4, IPv6, IP multicast, source multicast, reliable multicast and ATM multicast

Chapter 10:

Generic Quality-Of-Service (QOS) - Aspects for QOS design and implementations, UDP, TCP and ATM

Chapter 11:

The RAW Socket - ICMP, ping, traceroute, UDP, TCP and IP header include option

Chapter 12:

The Remote Access Service (RAS) - RAS client, RAS server, RasDial(), modes, phonebook and VPN

Chapter 13:

The IP Helper Functions - Various IP helper functions with code samples: IPConfig, route, netstat, ARP and DHCP client

Chapter 14:

The Mailslots - Mailslots client, server and working examples

Chapter 15:

The Name Pipes - Thread, overlapped, client, server, ACL and design considerations


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