Chapter 2:

Some Protocol Characteristics Story




C & Winsock: The Kick Start programming tutorials


C & Linux Socket


Program Example Index


C#, VB .NET & C++/CLI Network Programming


Windows Device Driver Development & Program Examples


ReactOS - Windows OS Binary Compatible Open Source Project - C & C++








What do we have in this chapter?

  1. Message-Oriented

  2. Stream-Oriented

    Pseudo Stream

    Connection-Oriented and Connectionless

    Reliability and Ordering

    Graceful Close

    Broadcast Data

    Multicast Data

    Quality of Service (QOS)

    Partial Messages

    Routing Considerations

    Other Characteristics

    Winsock Catalog

  3. The Winsock Catalog Program Example

  4. Winsock Catalog and Win64

    Creating Sockets with WSASocket()

    WSASocket() with WSAPROTOCOL_INFO Program Example





In this chapter, you have seen how Winsock fits into the overall system architecture and how various protocols plug into the system. In addition, you looked at the characteristics that protocols exhibit as well as how to programmatically enumerate the Winsock catalog to obtain this information. Finally, you have seen how to create a socket from an explicit provider using the WSASocket API.







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