Chapter 11

The RAW Socket






What do we have in this chapter?


  1. Raw Socket Creation

  2. ICMP

  3. Ping Example

  4. IPv4 and IPv6 Ping Program Example

  5. Traceroute

  6. The Traceroute Program Example

  7. Using IP Header Include Option

  8. Program Examples: The UDP RAW Socket

  9. Program Examples: The UDP RAW Socket (continue)




Raw sockets are a powerful mechanism to manipulate the underlying protocol. This chapter illustrated how you can use raw sockets to create ICMP and ICMPv6 applications through Winsock, but raw sockets can be used in a multitude of other applications, too many to discuss in a single chapter. To take full advantage of the capabilities of raw sockets and the header include option (IP_HDRINCL and IPV6_HDRINCL), you must thoroughly understand the IP protocol as well as any protocols encapsulated in it.







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