Chapter 5:

Winsock 2 I/O Methods




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What do we have in this chapter?

  1. Socket Modes

  2. Blocking Mode

    Non-blocking Mode

    Socket I/O Models

    The blocking Model

    The select Model

  3. The select() Program Example

  4. The Client Test Program Example

  5. The Client-server Testing

  6. The WSAAsyncSelect() Model

    Message Notification

    The WSAAsyncSelect() Model Program Example

  7. Running the Client-server Program

  8. The WSAEventSelect Model

    Event Notification

  9. The WSAEventSelect server/receiver model Program Example

  10. Running the Client and Server Program

  11. The Overlapped Model

  12. Event Notification

    The Overlapped Model Program Example

    Running the Server and Client Program

  13. The Overlapped Example Using AcceptEx()

  14. Running the Server and Client Program

  15. Completion Routines

  16. The Overlapped I/O Model With Callback Routines Example

    The Client-server Testing

  17. The Overlapped I/O Model With Callback Routines – AcceptEx()

  18. Testing the Client-server Program

  19. The Completion Port Model

  20. Worker Threads and Completion Ports

    The Completion Port Model Program Example

  21. Testing the Client-server Program

  22. Completion Ports and Overlapped I/O

    Per-handle Data and Per-I/O Operation Data

    I/O Model Consideration

    Client Development

    Server Development





At this point, we have covered the various I/O models available in Winsock. These models allow applications to tailor Winsock I/O according to their needs, from simple blocking I/O to high-performance completion port I/O for the maximum throughput possible. Up to this point, you have learned about available transport protocols, socket creation attributes, creating a basic client/server application, and other fundamental Winsock topics.







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