Chapter 15:

The Name Pipes




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What do we have in this chapter?

  1. Named Pipe Implementation Details

  2. Named Pipe Naming Conventions

    Byte Mode and Message Mode

    Compiling Applications

    Error Codes

    Basic Server and Client

    Server Details

  3. Building Null DACLs

  4. Advanced Server


    Overlapped I/O

    Security Impersonation

    Client Details

  5. Other API Calls

  6. Program Examples

    Name Pipe Client Example 1

    Name Pipe Client Example 2

  7. The Name Pipe Overlapped Server Example

  8. Multithreaded Pipe Server Example

  9. Another Named Pipe Server Using Overlapped I/O

  10. Name Pipe Client Example 3

  11. Named Pipe Server Using Completion Routines Example





This chapter introduced the named pipe networking technology, which provides a simple client/server data-communication architecture that reliably transmits data. The interface relies on the Windows redirector to transmit data over a network. A major benefit of named pipes is that it takes advantage of Windows NT platform security features, an advantage offered by no other networking technology described in this book.







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