Chapter 12

The Remote Access Service (RAS)




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C & Linux Socket


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C#, VB .NET & C++/CLI Network Programming


Windows Device Driver Development & Program Examples


ReactOS - Windows OS Binary Compatible Open Source Project - C & C++






What do we have in this chapter?

  1. RAS Client

  2. Compiling and Linking

    Data Structures and Platform Compatibility Issues


    Synchronous Mode

    Asynchronous Mode

    Closing a Connection

  3. Phonebook

  4. Adding Phonebook Entries

    Deleting Phonebook Entries

    Managing User Credentials

    Connection Management

  5. Virtual Private Network (VPN)

  6. Program Example

    Useful References





This chapter presented the basics of using RAS to extend your computer's networking capability. We described how to call the RasDial() function to communicate with remote networks. We also discussed how to maximize RAS's capabilities by creating phonebook entries.







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