Chapter 13:

The IP Helper Functions





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What do we have in this chapter?

  1. Ipconfig

  2. Releasing and Renewing IPv4 Addresses

    Changing IPv4 Addresses

  3. Netstat

  4. Retrieving the TCP Connection Table

    Retrieving the UDP Listener Table

    Retrieving IPv4 Protocol Statistics

  5. Route

  6. Getting the Routing Table

    Adding a Route

    Deleting a Route

  7. ARP

  8. Adding an ARP Entry

    Deleting an ARP Entry

    Sending an ARP Request

    Program Examples

    ARP Program Example

  9. Changing IP Program Example

  10. IPConfig Program Example

  11. IPConfig for IPv6 Example

  12. DHCP Renew and Release Program Example

  13. Retrieving the IPv4 routing table with GetIpForwardTable() Example

  14. Program Example Using GetIpAddrTable() Function

  15. Program Example Using AddIPAddress() Function

  16. Program Example Using GetAdaptersInfo() Function

  17. Program Example Using GetAdaptersAddresses() Function

  18. Program Example Using GetInterfaceInfo() Function

  19. Program Example Using GetIfEntry() and GetIfTable() Functions

  20. Getting an Interface Table Program Example

  21. Program Example Using SetIpForwardEntry() Function

  22. Program Example Using GetIpInterfaceTable() Function

  23. Getting IP Statistics Program Example

  24. Program Example Using GetTcpTable() Function





This chapter introduced the IP Helper APIs in terms of several well-known system utilities. This allows you to easily see how to programmatically obtain useful information from the IPv4 network stack. The IP Helper APIs currently enumerate only IPv4 information except for the new IP Helper API GetAdaptersAddresses(), which obtains IPv6 addressing information.







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