Chapter 9:





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What do we have in this chapter?

  1. Multicast Semantics

  2. Finding Multicast Properties

    IP Multicasting

    Support Protocols

    Multicasting with Setsockopt

  3. IPv4

  4. IPv4 with Multicast Sourcing

  5. IPv6

  6. Sending Multicast Data with IPv4

    Sending Multicast Data with IPv6

    Multicasting with WSAIoctl()

    Multicasting with WSAJoinLeaf()

  7. Reliable Multicasting (RM)

  8. Reliable Sender

    Modifying the Window Size

    Forward Error Checking (FEC)

    Reliable Receiver

  9. ATM Multipoint

  10. ATM Multipoint with WSAJoinLeaf()

    ATM Leaf Node

    ATM Root Node

    Useful References





Multicasting offers a number of advantages for applications that need to communicate with multiple endpoints without the overhead of broadcasting. In this chapter, we defined multicasting and presented the different multicasting models. We then discussed the different IP multicasting options, including IPv4 and IPv6 multicasting, IPv4 source multicasting, and reliable multicasting. Finally, we covered ATM point-to-multipoint communication.







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